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Jimmy Kimmel could not be more excited for the upcoming spooky holiday. Last night, the cast and crew of Jimmy Kimmel Live celebrated the season by all dressing up as Star Wars characters. Jimmy’s character? Princess Leia of course. I mean, with his beard and everything, she was the only obvious choice.

Kimmel stayed in costume the entire show, interviewing guests Harrison Ford and Katie Lowes, all decked out in his celestial gear.

However, Kimmel looked completely normal compared to the costumes that appeared in a later segment of the show, the 10th Annual Jimmy Kimmel Live Half and Half Halloween Costume Pageant. This was a fashion show of sorts, each model combining two different costumes into one punny get up. For instance, the first one? “Emojesus.” No, not emotional Jesus. Jesus combined with emojis. And they just get better.

A spectacularly terrifying Trumpty-Dumpty paraded through the set, sporting a giant egg-shaped Trump head and not much else. There was also my personal favorite “Walking Bed,” which was just a creepy bed with an axe in it inspired by the terrifying TV show.

If you still haven’t figured out your Halloween costume, this pageant could give you some inspiration. Puns always thrive on the Halloween scene, and anything that can score you more candy, the better.

Watch the full line-up below!

(Image via Youtube)