What does a talk show host do when he has all four hosts of The Voice on his show? Jimmy Fallon was faced with just that question last night on The Tonight Show, and he came up with a brilliant idea: Challenge them to a game of “Spin the Microphone.”

The game riffs on “Spin the Bottle,” but with a karaoke twist. One person spins the mic, and whoever it lands on picks a card with a song on it. If they want to sing that song, they can. But they can also give the song to someone else to sing.

Jimmy goes first, and immediately makes Adam Levine sing “Oops … I Did It Again.” It takes some coaching, but Adam’s rendition might be one of the finest covers out there.

In the nine minutes that follow, Blake Shelton tackles “YMCA,” Pharrell and Jimmy hit every note of “It Takes Two,” and Gwen and Blake make your viral dreams come alive with a duet of “Hotline Bling.”

Anyone else planning on challenging their friends to a round of “Spin the Microphone” now?

(Image via Youtube)