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Jimmy Fallon is the master of coming up with zany, strange games for his guests to play. But as we saw last night, sometimes going with a classic is just as great an opportunity for hilarity.

Claire Danes and director Ron Howard were guests on The Tonight Show, so Jimmy and Steve Higgins teamed up with them to play Pictionary. They followed the same rules you likely played with your friends and family at numerous holiday gatherings. Each team had thirty seconds, during which one person would try to draw a word or phrase while the other had to guess what they were drawing.

As anyone who has played Pictionary knows, things can get intense, between the time limit and your team mates yelling out random words that may or may not be close to correct. Last night’s game was no exception, but as it turns out, Ron Howard and Claire Danes have some serious Pictionary skills. No really, they mean business.

See for yourself:

(Image via Youtube)