Jesus Christ Superstars: Selena Gomez Hosts a Bible Study Group, Apparently

Did you hear? Jesus Christ is straight up dope, bro. He’s running in some rad circles, people. Hollywood’s hottest and most I-don’t-care-about-est are meeting once a month to get their bible talk on. Who are these Let Go and Let God peeps? None other than Hollywood’s youngest and brightest stars!

We’re talking Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Not impressed? A guy from 90210 shows up, as well. Yeah. A GUY. FROM 90210. But get ready to be like, holy s***! (had to do it once), as none other than Justin Bieber and his mom often show up.

What I love most about this is that it was organized by E! Correspondent Jason Kennedy. Like even in Hollywood, organizing a bible study group has to come from a dude at E!.

Also rumored to take place are “coffee and conversation.” Hello! These kids are too young for coffee! It will keep them up all night! Is no one else concerned? Is there decaf as an option?!

Listen, I’m Episcopalian, I have my own personal relationship with God, and while I have this moment, I’d just like to say: What up Jeezy! Be careful, you’re running with a red bull-coffee-driven-conversation-having-ridiculous amount of teen stars.

Maybe this was just a niche that needed to be filled. Athletes and rappers give their Jesus Christ props on the constant. And if Tim Tebow can still believe so strongly after this year, then you know his faith is legit. Ahhh, speaking of legit. It really is hard for me to believe that these people meet each month at a Beverly Hills hotel and talk Christianity. I want to believe it, but the moment I want to believe it is the same moment I realize I don’t care.

It’s totally cool in my book if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever else, as long as it comes from the heart and of real faith. What I can’t stand are fake Christians, people who scream and shout their love of God while simply being a nice human being is beyond them.

This is all fun and games and religion, and I truly do hope these meetings are what they say they are, and are helping each of them grow in their religious curiosities.

But you can’t blame me for thinking it’s all a joke when it takes place once a month at a Beverly Hills hotel, all put together by some guy at E! (like they don’t know churches or having a relationship with God can be done all on your own). You don’t need E! to tell you to come coffee talk.

I do hope the next meeting; they really consult with J to the Christ about Bieber’s wardrobe lately. It’s a sin, a horrible fashion sin!

Image by Shutterstock