How many thingamabobs does Jessie J have? Like, twenty. At least we’re led to believe that during her cover of The Little Mermaid‘s “Part of your World.”

No, no one will ever be able to replace Jodi Benson singing the song from the 1989 Disney animated classic, but Jessie J certainly comes very close. This new version of “Part of Your World” is considered a “remix” but there’s nothing really remix-y about it. There’s no stereo sound, or auto-tune, and we’re not waiting for the… what’s do you call it? Oh, beat to drop.

Instead, we’ve got what sounds like the original backing track from “Park of Your World” now with the vocal track of one of our favorite pop stars. And Jessie J nails it. We can hear the yearning in her voice to join the people up on land, since flipping her fins will only get her so far. In an interview about the song, Jessie J explains she “always wanted to be able to sing it, [while] combining my hair with a fork.”

We approve of that. But, big question. With her hair can Jessie J replicate the most iconic water flip OF ALL TIME?

These are questions we needed answered stat if this is going to be our new favorite Little Mermaid song. Check out Jessie J’s version below, and this song and many more will be available on We Love Disney, out October 30th.

Image via Disney