Bob’s Burgers and Gifted star Jenny Slate knows how to bring the party! The comedian always knows the best way to goof off and make us laugh. Just hearing her beautiful, bubbly voice is enough to bring a smile to our face. So leave it to Jenny Slate to bring one of our greatest fantasies to life!

Jenny Slate just partied at Party City, and yes it’s on video!

While on a trip to the best party destination of all time, Jenny started to spontaneously dance! As if this weren’t great enough, her friend caught it on video. Slate is of course adorably dancing to the sound of silence, because who needs music to bring the party? Real partiers know that partying isn’t an action, it’s a state of mind!

You also have to love that no one at this Party City location seems to realize one of the greatest comedians of all time is having a one-woman dance party at their store. She even seems to motion to the other shoppers to join her in dancing, and no one accepts her invitation to party! It’s ok though, because we’re all dancing along at home! Also as Slate says in the video:

So let’s all take a lesson from Jenny Slate this Saturday. Party like no one else is partying, because who needs everyone else? All you need to have fun is you, the friend you are embarrassing in Party City, and your imagination! So happy Saturday, and party hard!