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Jennifer Lawrence is here to prove that under her hilarious and sometimes adorably clumsy exterior is a deep, thoughtful soul. We kind of already knew that, but last night, Stephen Colbert decided to prove it to the world on The Late Show. The two decided to nestle up “under the stars” and ask each other some of life’s most important questions.

These important life questions included “do you think we can ever truly be happy?” and the iconic “do we see colors the same way?” In subdued, thoughtful tones, they asked these kinds of questions back and forth, giving us deep and meaningful glimpses into their souls. Kind of.

Turns out, their answers to life’s most important questions are as LOL-worthy as the people answering them, and while the duo may not have solved the meaning of life, they did manage to make us laugh (which, if you’ll allow me to get deep for a moment, might be the meaning of life anyways).

Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)