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We all make mistakes, and Jennifer Lawrence is not immune, as she’s most certainly proved during the numerous times she’s fallen at major awards shows. However, one mistake in particular once made her quite sleepy indeed during the filming of The Hunger Games — she accidentally took an Ambien before shooting a scene. OOPS.

Last night, J. Law joined Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver for a game of True Confessions on The Tonight Show. The game is essentially “Two Truths and a Lie”: each person has, well, two truths and a lie and the other two have to guess what is fact or fiction.

First up was Jennifer, who told Jimmy and John that she once took an Ambien — a sleeping pill used for treating insomnia — right before filming a scene in the apocalyptic YA film.

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“Were you sleeping in the scene?” Jimmy asked. “No. . . in fact, I was dancing,” Jen responded.

Well, hey, some of us need to relax a lil bit before we can dance — we just never thought an Ambien would do the trick. But Jennifer assured the guys that it was a total accident. “I thought it was something else that was like, normal to take,” she said, laughing.

When John couldn’t help but inquire about the, erm, legal troubles she could get into admitting this possible truth on television, Jen said deadpan, “The movies are done.” John responded, laughing, “That’s not how the law works!”

But then, funny business was over, and John and Jimmy had to put their heads together and guess whether Jen’s accidental mistake was truth or fiction. “It’s plausible. It’s reckless. I kinda like it,” John said. “If it’s not true, I’m going to be very sad.”

Turns out, yep, it’s totally true. We’re sure she never made that mistake again! Let this be a reminder to everyone to always keep your medications in different places so you don’t get them mixed up (which could be dangerous!). Oh, Jen. . . never change.