Trilby Beresford
November 30, 2016 1:33 pm

If you need a Wednesday break, look no further, because two of our favorite funny women just dressed up as ridiculously puffy professional wrestlers.

That’s right, we’re talking about Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres playing sumo charades…in giant inflatable sumo suits! As in, sumo wrestling — a sport we know and love. Sort of. Well, we do now.

Charades is already a really fun game, but the addition of hysterical costumes (that they can barely walk in) makes it even better. Start mentally preparing to see Aniston attempt to shimmy and twerk in her sumo outfit, and Ellen trying to walk like a runway model (and loads more)! They are absolutely adorable. Also, the pressure is ON.

OMG. This should straight up just be how we play charades from now on. Also, is anyone thinking about going sumo-style for Halloween next year? Or just…in general?

Yeah, it might be a teensy bit hard to move around, but the novelty will outweigh any struggle… RIGHT?!

Thank you Ellen for this incredible gift, and thank you Jennifer for participating like a true champ! We can’t think of any better partner in sumo-crime than you.

Now excuse us while we squeeze in a quick game of charades (sadly, sans sumo suit). HAPPY WEDNESDAY.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly