jemima kirke short hair
Credit: Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Many women (and men!) can relate to the feeling of wanting to change something on your body to reflect how you feel inside. And, as we just found out, Girls star Jemima Kirke — who cut her hair in the midst of a fight with her husband Michael Mosberg — is no different.

The actress, who recently told her story to StyleLikeU for a video titled “Letting Go of Girls and Getting Out of Her Own Way: Jemima Kirke,” explained that she took the scissors to her famously long, flowing locks in the midst of rough patch with Mosberg, from whom she reportedly recently split.

“I was having a terrible moment with my husband in our relationship, and I was extremely hurt by him and extremely angry at him, and so I was feeling self-destructive,” she explains in the video. “But for whatever reason I didn’t do anything self-destructive really, I just cut my hair.”

Kirke, who has been famously outspoken on everything from her battle with addiction to her abortion in the past (she now shares two kids, daughter Rafaella Israel, 6, and son Memphis, 4, with Mosberg), added that she used to feel like her hair was “really one of the only things that made me feel pretty,” and that “without it I would be boring.”

Kirke even documented the cut on Twitter, noting that she was “going for the mom-who-had-a-tough-year-who-doesn’t-feel-like-brushing-her-fucking-hair look.”

Things obviously got a little bit better in their marriage before it got worse, with Kirke adding, “a couple weeks later, I said I wanted to go shorter and [Mosberg] said ‘I’ll do it,’ and he cut it and it was really nice. It was kind of romantic. It’s nice to have someone you love cut your hair.”

We’re so sad to hear that Kirke and Mosberg’s relationship is not working out, and we can also so, so relate to the feeling of wanting to change our exterior to feel better about what’s inside. Obviously a haircut could never truly fix a toxic relationship or a bad year, but as Kirke noted, it’s way better to be “self-destructive” with your hair than it is to turn to things like drugs, alcohol, or self-harm to deal with life’s many stressors.

We truly hope that Kirke is doing okay … and that by now, she’s realized she’s anything but “boring,” and so much more to her dedicated fans than just her pretty hair.