Elizabeth Entenman
August 18, 2016 12:07 pm
Warner Bros

You’ve heard the stories about the wild times on the Suicide Squad set. You’ve read about Jared Leto’s mad method acting and penchant for pranks. But did you know that after all that, he still hasn’t seen the full theatrical cut of the movie yet? He told a BBC interviewer that he hasn’t watched it yet. *shrugs*

Rumors are swirling that the actor feels he was “tricked” into taking on the role of the Joker.

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It’s surprising news, considering how highly publicized Leto’s character transformation was. But according to a fan present at Camp Mars, a Thirty Seconds to Mars retreat, Jared reportedly told camp-goers that he was led to believe the role was something different than what it became.

Tumblr user la-leto recounted what Leto said to everyone at Camp Mars:

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Remember, Leto hasn’t actually seen the movie, so this opinion is based on what others have been telling him.

No matter what the critics say, Leto will always be remembered for giving this performance his all. Hopefully after the dust settles, he’ll finally watch Suicide Squad and look back on the experience fondly.