We’re all obsessed with the CW’s breakout hit Jane The Virgin, right? You guys, if you are not watching, binge the heck out of this show on Hulu over the holidays, I promise you will like the hilarious and huge-hearted telenovela-inspired Jane.

Part of what makes this show such an out-of-the-gate winner is its star, the irrepressibly wonderful Gina Rodriguez. She’s such a great heroine onscreen and as it turns out, she’s quite the heroine offscreen as well.

We were already impressed with how Rodriguez talked about how proud she is to be on a show that breaks down ethnic stereotypes and how proud she is to be on a show that celebrates her culture with arms WIDE-wide open And she recently impressed us yet again with a conversation she had with fans about feminism on Twitter.

So here’s how it went down. A Twitter follower asked Gina about her stance on feminism and this was her initial response:

Then a fan took the time to give Gina the standard definition of feminism to see if that changed things for the actress at all:

And it DID change things for Gina. The actress didn’t actually know what the word meant (it’s okay, a lot of people don’t), and it was obvious that all she had been exposed to were the misrepresentations people try to saddle onto feminism (I’m guessing “angry,” “man-hating,” and “bra-burner” were prominent on that list.)

So of course, a girl is going to avoid a label that she doesn’t feel represents her at all. And if “feminist” really meant “angry, man-hating bra-burner” I don’t think ANY of us would identify with the movement. But of course, OF COURSE, that’s not what “feminism” means at all, and once Gina got dosed with the truth, she was totally down to change her mind.

It’s tough to be a person in the spotlight (it’s tough to be a person AT ALL) and part of being in the spotlight means constantly being judged and picked apart. Which makes it all the more applause-worthy that rather than get defensive when called on a mistake, Gina was so gracious about her slip-up and so happy to embrace a new way of thinking.

Isn’t it awesome when actors are just as awesomely cool as the beloved characters they play?

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