OK. So this news is pretty awesome. You know Jamie Lee Curtis? Obviously. And you know that incredibly famous shower scene from the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho? Yup, OK. Well did you know that Janet Leigh, who stars in that scene, is also Jamie Lee Curtis’ mom? Crazy, right?!

Well on Tuesday, Jamie Lee Curtis, original scream queen and star of Scream Queens, took to Twitter and posted a black and white photo of herself screaming in a shower and holding a photo of her mom, Janet Leigh, doing the same pose in character as Marion Crane from Psycho. In other words, JAMIE LEE CURTIS IS RECREATING THE ICONIC SHOWER SCENE FROM PSYCHO FOR SCREAM QUEENS AND OH MY GOD DOES LIFE GET BETTER THAN THIS FOR LADIES WHO LOVE HORROR?

This moment comes with a heavy layering of history on it. As Jamie Lee told Variety, “My entire life I have refused to step into the shower because it belongs to my mother. I have attempted to step out of the shadow of my parents for a long time.” So why now? “It felt like they’re both gone, and enough time has passed. This role has appeared in my life. It’s unexpected and delightful.” It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do, quite frankly. Also, we’re spending a little bit of time thinking about what this scene could mean for Scream Queens. First of all, it suggests that both Jamie Lee and Ryan Murphy are more than game for paying tribute horror classics, and so, it’s likely that we’ll get more nods to the greats of old. Secondly, and more seriously, does this mean that Jamie Lee’s character, Dean Munsch, is going to die at some point? Quite possibly in the shower?

But then again, considering how much Ryan Murphy likes to subvert expectations with his horror shows (see: every episode of American Horror Story), maybe this is a fake-out and it’s actually a dream sequence or something more clever than a nod to her death sequence? (Hands up if you’re secretly hoping that Dean Munsch is the killer, thus subverting the whole Final Girl persona that Jamie Lee has established with the Halloween series, Prom Night and Terror Train?) Basically, we can’t wait to see this scene and whatever other horror movie tributes Scream Queens and Jamie Lee have lurking around the corner this fall TV season. For now, we’ll just prepare to be afraid to go back in the shower again. Oh and also, Jamie Lee Curtis followed up her first tweet with another gem of a tweet that includes her dog. Love.

Scream Queens debuts Tuesday, September 22 at 8 pm on Fox.

[Images via Allstar Cinetext and Jamie Lee Curtis.]