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It’s an unfortunate but well-known truth that many Hollywood actresses face ageism and sexism. While we know and love many amazing actresses in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, some of these fabulous ladies struggle to get parts as they get older. Well, actress Jamie Denbo wrote an epic Twitter rant about sexist casting to help bring this conversation even more into the spotlight.

Jamie stars as Shelly Ginsberg in Orange is the New Black, and she has also appeared in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Veep, and Spy, so her resume is pretty impressive. But Jamie just hit a major speed bump because of her age, and she chose to speak out rather than stay silent.

Jamie Denbo was told that at 43, she was too old to play the wife of a 57-year-old actor.

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That’s right, can you believe that beautiful lady was told that she’s “too old” to play someone’s wife? Because she’s absolutely stunning. But luckily, Jamie knows her value. And she unleashed an amazing Twitter takedown of the ageist and sexist decision.

Wow, take that patriarchy! Jamie makes sure to mention a couple of points that make the absurdity of the situation stronger. She notes that it’s the character’s first marriage and the couple has an 18-year-old child together. That means Jamie’s character would have had the child at 25, which is pretty normal. According to NPR, the average age to have your first child in the U.S. is 26.3. And yet, she’s too “old” to play his wife. She also notes that the actor in question is married and his real life wife is probably 50. Jamie won’t name names, but her point is pretty clear.

We applaud Jamie for speaking out about this issue because it sets such a bad example when Hollywood only pairs older men with younger women. For too long, film and television have told us that only young women are beautiful. But of course, we know that beauty and fabulousness comes in all ages. We hope actresses like Jamie continue speaking out and drawing attention to this issue. Because we need to see more roles that reflect real women in all their awesomeness.