Credit: ABC

It’s hard not to be envious of Jamie Chung’s style. Her Instagram page is basically one giant #styleinspo beacon of light for those of us chasing the fashion trends of today. That’s why her latest posts are making internet waves — Jamie Chung has given her hair a fall makeover and we are living for it!

Jamie’s dark brown hair, which we’ve grown accustomed to, is now a beautiful blonde shade that will be your salon go-to during your next visit. While her hair isn’t exactly platinum, it’s significantly brighter. The ends are totally blond but the roots are just a bit darker up top. It’s like a deeper ombre. Just look at how brilliant it looks!

Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Charlotte Tilbury

Jamie has been sharing fashion tips with us this fall, and her advice just might land you in the best dressed list. Her first suggestion is to bust out that turtleneck sweater you swore you’d never put on again. It’s great for layering your looks. Jamie also explained that the ’90s are fully back in so we can safely bring out all of our favorite middle school outfits and repurpose them. Finally. We’ve been waiting to shine and this might just be out time!