Everyone has a favorite episode of Friends. Maybe you love “The One With the Blackout” or “The One With the Prom Video.” Personally, my favorite is hands-down, “The One Where James Franco Plays Multiple Friends.”

On AOL’s Making A Scene, James Franco was challenged to play both Rachel and Joey in an “all-new” episode of the classic sitcom. The 4-minute scene is set in Central Perk (of course) and opens with a rendition of “Smelly Cat” before Marcel the monkey makes his return.

But Marcel isn’t there to hang out. The friends are having an intervention, and want the foul-mouthed Marcel to get the help he needs.

Yes, this is the weirdest episode of Friends that never actually happened. Prepare yourselves. (Oh and maybe grab a pair of headphones, it’s a little NSFW.)

(Image via AOL)