Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jun 09, 2016 @ 9:26 am
james corden vogue
Credit: Vogue

While James Corden is one of our favorite hosts, that means he’s always asking the questions, so we never learn much about him. Finally, Vogue has turned the tables. In The Scene’s most recent video, James answers 73 questioned while giving us a tour of The Late Late Show studio in Los Angeles, and we learned so much.

James, who is most famous for giving life to the “Carpool Karaoke” segment, picked up the camera (and interviewer) on his way to the studio and started the video in his element: the car. He answered questions like what was his favorite moment from the famous segment (when Stevie Wonder called his wife) and what celebrity does he really want to have on it (Beyonce, of course).

At the studio, James gave us a pretty impressive tour, still managing to drop some great wisdom about life along the way.

Credit: Vogue/ thescene.com

He also showed off his amazing sense of humor, as well as his pretty impressive American accent.

Credit: Vogue/ thescene.com

More importantly, we got to see a whole new side to James. Turns out, he’s totally relatable, and completely honest — which he says is key when it comes to interviewing people. That being said, he still admits to not being entirely sure who he is:

Credit: Vogue/ thescene.com

Well, we have a few words for James Coren: hilarious, amazing, and talented. When he’s not making us crack up on stage, he’s wowing us with his singing voice in movies like Into the Woods. He’s truly a superstar, and we hope this is one of many opportunities we have to get to know him even better.

Watch the full interview below!Watch this on The Scene.