Kathryn Lindsay
June 15, 2016 1:49 pm

While Matt LeBlanc may be the new host of the British car show Top Gear, he probably wasn’t ready for the challenge James Corden had in store when he appeared on the Late Late Show on Tuesday night. The two men sat atop tiny electric bikes, wearing GoPros on their helmets, racing through the hallways of the studio, . . . and we loved every minute of it.

Like any good race, the two were up against some pretty challenging obstacles. There were walls, water balloons, and even people with silly string!

Throughout all of this, we got some amazing shots of their faces thanks to the GoPros, so much so that it felt like we were sitting on their handlebars — although we’re pretty thankful we weren’t.

In the end, Matt LeBlanc bested James, beating him by a hair as they crossed the finish line in the studio. We’re not surprised, since E! reports that Matt has a racing track in his back yard. That makes him the perfect host for Top Gear, and this race makes James the perfect host of the Late Late Show, because what fun would life be if we didn’t get to watch people ride tiny bikes while getting debris thrown at them?

Watch the full clip below!