Alim Kheraj
Updated Feb 08, 2017 @ 2:30 am
Jake Gyllenhaal
Credit: Jake Gyllenhaal/

Do you ever sit down and think, “I wish I could hear Jake Gyllenhaal sing something?” Well, your wish has just come true as we have a video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing that’ll make you SWOON.

We already knew that Jake Gyllenhaal was an epic dancer. Add that to the fact that he’s a superb actor, and, as Tom Ford said, “perfect,” and you’ve got yourself one pretty stellar guy. Also, we love that he’s a pretty friendly guy, too, and is willing to stand up for his co-stars when they get snubbed for awards.

However, we didn’t know that Jake Gyllenhaal could sing, and now that we do it feels like we’ve entered a higher plane of being.

In a video uploaded on to Facebook, we get a glimpse of Gyllenhaal as he rehearses for his current and first role in a Broadway musical. The musical in question is the classic Stephen Sondheim theatrical show Sunday in the Park with George.

The clip, which was directed by Cary Fukanga (True Detective), sees Gyllenhaal singing “Finishing the Hat” as he wonders around backstage at the Hudson theatre. We have to say, it’s pretty darn mesmerizing, and the actor has some serious pipes.

Writing on Facebook, Gyllenhaal said:

Watch the clip below.

O-M-G! Isn’t he actually AMAZING!? While we know that Jake Gyllenhaal has a history of performing on stage, we never really expected him to be *this* good at singing. Seriously, can we get a whole album of musical classics please, Jake?

It seems, too, that we aren’t the only ones who totally lost it when we heard Jake Gyllenhaal singing.


Same, tbh.

If you want to catch Jake Gyllenhaal actually sing in real life on a stage in front of you (although, you might not live to tell the tale because RIP YOU), Sunday in the Park with George is now open on Broadway’s new Hudson Theater for 10 weeks only. For tickets and details click here.