Picture of Jake Gyllenhaal Dancing in Demolition Movie

The trailer for Jake G.’s new movie Demolition is here, and we can’t wait to see it. In the film, Jake plays an investment banker who loses his wife in a car crash. He befriends a customer service rep named Karen (played by Naomi Watts) when he writes a complaint letter to a vending machine company.

There are so many things to love about the trailer: Jake’s suits, his brooding stares, his sexy-smooth narration. And then, there’s the part where he can be seen grooving through the streets of New York City.

Jake jumps, twirls and gyrates around town. All the while, he’s rocking the shades-with-headphones look, and we’re all about it. To get such authentic and unique moves out of the actor, director Jean-Marc Vallée employed a sneaky but effective trick: He created a mysterious playlist for Jake.

“He gave me a mix of these songs I’d never even heard of and that’s his whole style,” Jake told E! Online. “He didn’t want me to listen to any songs that would make me move. He wanted me to incorporate things I had never heard.”

After having seen Jake’s moves, we can say with confidence the technique definitely worked.

“Jean-Marc just said, ‘Let it go and who cares? Just let go and make a fool out of yourself,’” Jake continued. “There’s nothing more embarrassing while you’re doing it and more relieving when you finish than something like that.”

No need to be embarrassed, Jake! You looked go-od out there.

All right, it’s video time!

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