You can probably guess the cringe-worthy question Grey Worm from “Game of Thrones” gets asked IRL

We thought we wouldn’t have to tell you this, but just in case some readers are confused, here is the cold, hard truth: Game of Thrones isn’t real.

Daenerys Targaryen is actually a peppy brunette, Queen Cersei saves refugees instead of burning down cities, Bran takes walks, and Sansa is dating a Jonas brother. The only thing from the show that’s actually been confirmed true is that Jon Snow rarely smiles, but like, that’s his right, you know?

All that being said, we guess it’s not too surprising that one of our favorite dudes on the show, Jacob Anderson aka Grey Worm, meets a whole lot of fans who have some, uh, confusion regarding just how much he relates to his character.

"People actually ask me if I have genitals in real life," he moaned to the Daily Star. "They really think I’ve been castrated."

“They also ask if the dragons are real,” Anderson continued. “Sometimes people are taking the piss, but others really can’t understand it is not real life.”

It’s not, and Anderson’s real life couldn’t be further from Grey Worm’s war-torn existence, thank god. The actor actually moonlights as a hip-hop artist, performing under the name Raleigh Ritchie. He’s signed under Columbia Records, and his debut album was released last February.

Still, all that being said, Anderson prefers to keep a low profile — and finds it more than a little off-putting when GoT fans stop him to ask about his genitals.

“I like to keep myself to myself, so it is a bit freaky when you’re stuck on a tube and someone is just staring at you or trying to take a picture of you,” he concluded.

Sounds about right.

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