Bridey Heing
Updated Jul 14, 2015 @ 8:41 am

Last night on Conan, guests Boy George and Jack Black became our new favorite musical duo. A British ’80s pop icon and an epic rock satirist (and super-famous actor) may seem like an unlikely pairing, but wait until you hear them perform together…with a members of The Doors.

Is your mind exploding yet? Yes, Jack Black, Boy George, and Doors guitarist Robby Krieger all got together on TV to cover a classic song made famous by Jim Morrison back in 1968.

Conan segues into the bit after asking Boy George about his musical influences. Boy George mentions The Doors, and Black backs him up when Conan shows surprise. As it turns out, Krieger is hanging out, guitar at the ready. Then the three rock out to The Doors’ forever cool ditty, “Hello I Love You.” Hello, we love this.

And in case you need a dose of the original…

(Image via Twitter)