Alim Kheraj
Updated Aug 05, 2016 @ 9:55 am
J.K. Rowling
Credit: Luca Teuchmann/WireImage/Getty

We all know that J.K. Rowling is an actual queen. The51-year-old is not only responsible for one of the biggest book series and movie franchises of ALL TIME, but she’s also an amazing mother of three, and an activist. Oh, and she wears some seriously beautiful shoes.

Rowling isn’t afraid to speak her mind on things she believes matters, too, and has tweeted heartfelt tributes to the tragedy in Orlando, her thoughts on the Britain’s controversial decision to leave the European Union, and whether Voldemort is actually worse than Donald Trump.

Now Rowling has shared her thoughts on something else that really matters.

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of discussion around female orgasm. To be more precise, there’s been a lot of chatter around the function of female orgasm and why it actually happens. You see, for years scientists have questioned why, in fact, women derive pleasure from sex as it doesn’t serve a reproductive purpose.

In a recent article in the New York Times, Dr. Elizabeth Lloyd is cited as saying in her book, The Case of the Female Orgasm, that she believes the female orgasm is actually just a by-product of the male orgasm. In simple terms, she argues that there really is no point to it at all, and no real evolutionary reason that it occurs.

We’re not 100% sure what all this means, but scientific or not, we’re not sure we need reasons to discredit women’s sexual pleasure. And, it seems, we’re not the only ones, as Queen of Twitter, J.K. Rowling, also agrees.

It seems that Rowling also read the New York Times feature, and the author took to Twitter to voice her opinions.

Retweeting the article, she wrote, “Yes, the prospect of pushing an 8 pound object out of your vagina should be more than enough incentive for sex.”

And just like that, Rowling has given evolutionary reason enough for the female orgasm. Of course female orgasm has a point! Actual queen.