I like to think that I am well-read. In truth, I was well-read until I hit my teens and discovered boys, Buffy and browsing the web. Since then, well, I do read, but not as much as I should. The number of ticks I can add to any ‘100 books to read before you die’ list is decidedly average.

Enter this deliciously designed hardback release of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works – enough to make anyone crack a book once in a while*. The deco designs will, yes, look good on your bookshelf – but will also make you want to take them out to read on the tube, bus, even walking down the street**. What’s more appealing than a stranger with an eye for design and good taste in literature? Nothing.

You can buy them direct from Penguin Books.

* Spot the quote

** Don’t read and walk. It’s stupid. If you do, I’ll scowl and tut at you.