Item of the Day: Memmee App

We share so much of ourselves on public platforms nowadays. So many meals Instagrammed, so many fleeting emotions shared using hashtags and emojis – what’s left for just us to relive and enjoy privately?

Remember when we used to carry around notebooks and jot down the highlights of the day? Okay, I still do that. Maybe you do too. But you know what? I could stand to drop some serious purse weight, so one less book would probably do wonders for the health of my spine.

Well hello, Memmee.

This app helps you capture those little moments that you’ll want to remember and cherish later on virtual index cards. You can keep everything private, as a peaceful space for just you to share your thoughts. Or you can share your Memmees with the ones you love. This is essentially a time capsule kept on your phone. Much easier than assembling the right photos and the DVDs you think will be considered “timeless films,” and burying them in a box behind your house, eh?

The aesthetic of Memmee is calming, lovely, and soft. Members can even customize their moment by choosing one of many beautiful cards, helping frame the moment. You also never have to worry about drawing a blank, because the Memmee Team has dreamed up a bunch of useful, and sometimes ridiculous writing prompts. Here are a few examples of the cards below:

So what are you waiting for? Start Memmeeing! Download the app here, and give your memories a beautiful new home.

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