Jordana Lipsitz
September 14, 2016 12:08 pm

Friends, now is a time for rejoicing, for something truly beautiful has happened! The iPhone gods heard our pleas, agreed with them, and now we’re receiving what we’ve only DREAMT of for the last decade, practically. Buzzfeed reports the new iPhone  iOS 10 update will let users delete preloaded apps like Stocks, Reminders, and Watch, among way too many others. Bless!!

We’re sure there’s somebody out there who gets a real kick out of those sorts of apps (for example, some people totally monitor stock things, right?), but if you don’t use them, they just mess with the aesthetic of your perfectly choreographed home screen.

Today is the today you can be free. Today is the day you can gently press on the app of choice until all the apps do that shaky little “please don’t delete me!” dance. Then, feel like a god of destruction and group all the apps you don’t like/want/need together. As they scream in terror (you can imagine), click that magical “x” in the top left corner of each app. Voila!

Au revoir, Tips, I literally only opened you once by accident. Adios, Reminders I’m on my phone to forget stuff not remember it. Arrivederci Watch, you think I can afford an iPhone and an Apple Watch? Come on. But then after the deleting storm, if you have some residual doubts (maybe a compass could be useful), you can easily reload the app in the Apple Store.

Jordana Lipsitz

Before you get too excited and deleting-app-happy, remember to back up your phone. You can do this by either connecting your phone to your computer, or using iCloud. Once you’ve done that, it’s just one trip to “software update” in Settings, a little bit of a wait while it loads, and then suddenly the sweet relief and power will be yours. Some Twitter users have complained about issues, so I would recommend sticking by a desktop computer, just in case. It also helps to follow the instructions on Apple’s website.

And soon, so very soon, you can say “Bye Felicia” to :

Today truly is a glorious day. Thank the iPhone gods for iOS 10!

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