Alyssa Thorne
Updated Jan 10, 2017 @ 2:10 pm
Credit: Imgur/ AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby

We hope your Tuesday is off to a good start, because we’re about to ruin it with this three legged optical illusion. If you got a headache from staring at #dressgate or lost too many hours mulling over #croptopgate then you should probably navigate away from this page, because this might be too much for you. A Reddit user shared a picture to Imgur of what looks like a young girl kneeling as she smiles at the camera, only she’s kneeling on her…three legs? Usually when the internet tries to tell us we’re not going to BELIEVE what we’re seeing in a photo, it’s not nearly so dramatic, but this one stumped us for too long to admit without embarrassing ourselves.

See if you can figure out why we — and the rest of the internet — are losing our minds over this bizarre illusion.


Yeah, it took us a while too. But now that we’ve seen what’s really happening, we can’t UNsee it. In case you weren’t able to spot it, the girl in question is holding an urn at her right side which happens to be a similar color, size, and shape to her stockinged legs…It’s a lot of coincidences, and our minds are blown a little bit.

Now that we’ve solved that mystery, though, we’ve uncovered the real question behind this photo and we need answers immediately. So internet, here’s your next task: somebody please find out WHY this girl is posing for a photo while kneeling on the ground holding an urn. Because the answer to THAT has us truly stumped.