Jill Layton
May 27, 2016 10:35 am

Step aside, politics. There’s another way to divide the internet — and it’s optical illusions. Over the past year, people have debated solutions to so many different optical illusions found on the internet. There was the infamous gold/blue dress, this girl who defied gravity, Adele’s upside down/right side up face and these motion-induced blinding dots.

There’s now a new optical illusion being passed around the web, and it’s hurting people’s brains once again.

People just can’t seem to figure out who’s hugging who in a photo posted to Imgur four days ago. The photo has been viewed over two million times, because seriously, who’s hugging who??

After staring at the illusion for a while, you may have figured it out. Or maybe you’re completely stuck like we were. Ready for the answer? It’s all in the shorts.


As one Imgur user pointed out, “His shorts are two colors. White in the middle, black on the outside. I’m fun at parties, please invite me.”

We totally see it now, but for a quick second, it definitely felt like an Exorcist situation.