Olivia Harvey
Updated August 10, 2017 1:32 pm

There’s nothing better than a fresh-baked donut to brighten up a murky day, right? Well, we see your donut and we raise you a hot dude eating said donut. We’re guessing your day just improved tenfold. Don’t thank us, thank DUDES x DONUTS, an Instagram magazine dedicated to sharing hot dudes and hot donuts with the world.

Annie and Natalie are the co-founders and brains behind the DUDES x DONUTS Instagram. They crafted a quirky interview format in which hot guys are questioned and photographed while eating donuts.

It’s basically the Instagram account you never knew you needed to follow until right now.

Annie and Natalie recently interviewed Wesley Stromberg from the band Emblem3. Stromberg revealed that his favorite donut is classic glazed, and that he’s definitely a Ross rather than a Chandler.

Kyle Shevrin, a self-proclaimed “Cheese Doodle Puff Enthusiast” chowed down on a heavenly breakfast treat as he told the mag that his favorite chick-flick is About Time.

Tattooed dude with a donut Dominíc Blackwell-Cooper said when it comes to Betty or Veronica, he prefers whichever one is single. Classic dude, amiright?

When the girls aren’t interviewing hot dudes, they’re filling their Instagram feed with heavenly photos of gourmet donuts —

— photos of teen heartthrobs (both guys and gals) —

— and plenty of classic photos of the Olsen Twins, because they will forever be our pre-teen BFFs.

Currently, Annie and Natalie are in the process of booking some bigger names for interviews, so keep the DUDES x DONUTS coming, ladies! We’re ready for our Instagram feeds to be beautified.