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Credit: Aniya Wolf / Kilee Brookbank / Instagram

1. The woman who wore a Coming to America inspired prom dress.

Worn by high school student Jawana Young and designed by 18-year-old Jimelle Levon, this glam throwback look to the 1988 film Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy makes us super nostalgic, and we love it!

2. The woman who was kicked out of prom for wearing a tuxedo.


Harrisburg, PA high school student Aniya Wolf was not allowed to go to her prom because of her suit. Wolf told the Washington Times, “The principal threatened she would get the cops.” However, nearby William Penn High School, did invite her. The principal there said he invited Wolf because “we do embrace all.” ❤️

3. The woman with the Beyoncé inspired dress.

High school student India Ross, of St. Louis wowed the internet when her Bey-utiful dress went viral. Ross told Cosmopolitan, “When I gave my designer my money, I said, ‘Can you make me feel like I’m Beyoncé?'” And clearly her designer went above and beyond!

4. The woman who wore Gina Rodriguez’s dress from the Golden Globes.


It started with a simple tweet from Jessica Casanova, a high schooler from Buffalo, NY. She tweeted to the Jane the Virgin star, “So would love to wear your Golden Globes dress to prom.” And as magic would have it, Rodriguez replied, “Where do you live? I only own my first globes dress the one from last year…maybe we can make this happen.” And that they did.

5. The woman who wasn’t afraid to show off her serious burn scars.

High school student Kilee Brookbank’s life was seriously altered when she innocently lit a candle at home two years ago. She had no idea there was a gas leak, and that candle turned into a massive fire almost killing her and burning 45 percent of her body. Although she was initially reluctant to ever wear a dress again, she overcame that fear and made a stunningly beautiful appearance at prom. 👏👏👏

6. The woman who dyed her hair to match her date’s dress.

You’re probably familiar with Paris Jackson. But, did you know she recently dyed her hair to match her date’s dress to the prom? As she said in her caption, “only true friends due their hair to match their gal’s prom gown.” P.S. We’re totally diggin’ that deep teal color.

7. The woman whose dress brought Twitter together in happiness.


When high school student Tayja Jones posted pics of her gorgeous sparkly dress, she didn’t expect all the initial backlash. She told Fox news, “There were just like so many rude remarks and negative comments about how I looked.” UGH. Twitter users soon fought back to support her, the #TeamTayja tag was started, and since then she’s received an outpouring of love. And rightfully so!

8. The woman who wore an African print dress despite a teacher calling the idea “tacky”.

When Makalaya Zanders of Cleveland, Ohio told a school administrator about her idea of wearing an African print dress to prom, the teacher told her it would be “tacky” and not “really something you wear” to prom. But, despite these unnecessarily harsh words, Zanders spun the situation into a positive one and had an incredibly stunning custom gown made for her special night. 🔥

9. And finally, the woman who wore her mom’s prom dress.

Credit: Olivia Parker / Teen Vogue

High school student Olivia Parker’s prom dreams were almost dashed when her original dress got destroyed. However, mom came in to save the day and gave Olivia her very own prom dress that she had worn decades earlier. Parker told Teen Vogue,”[My mom] was super happy I wore it and said it was worth dragging around all these years.” And we are too!