Amy Schumer looks like a ton of fun. I remember stumbling upon her “Comedy Central Presents” special a few years back and heard her crack a joke about something taboo like black-out hookups or pooping or abortion … Things that girls aren’t supposed to talk about, much less joke about. I like the dark stuff. And so does Amy.

Her humor isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. She seems like the kind of friend you can’t wait to see at brunch on Sunday because you know her Saturday night was a total sh*tshow and you want to hear every cringe-worthy detail. Some of it’s going to be borderline offensive and you’re going to be looking over your shoulder the whole time to see if other people are rolling their eyes, but you’re still going to laugh. Hard.

But Amy showed her serious side at the Glamour “These Girls” after-party earlier this week, and proved that she can be your voice-of-reason friend too, when she’s not nursing a nasty hangover. After sharing her struggle with body image issues earlier, Schumer had this to say about feeling comfortable in your own skin:

Yes GAWD. That’s how you make sure that even if you got 99 problems, your image ain’t one. You’ve always gotta find your way back to yourself.

How do you guys deal when you’re feeling unpretty?

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