Ingrid Vaca Diez Pops Bottles in Bolivia (And Fills Them With Dirt)

Remember the wonderful women in North Carolina that raised literal roofs for those in need? Turns out there’s a woman in Bolivia who has decided to take charitable construction into her own hands as well!

When Ingrid Vaca Diez noticed the escalating poverty problem in her town of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, she decided to do something about it. Diez, who works as a lawyer, auditor and company administrator, was appalled to discover the number of people with small, single room shacks and dirt floors.

“For the poor, housing is one of the most critical issues. This is an especially acute issue as more and more rural residents continue their migration into the major population centers of La Paz and Santa Cruz … Statistics show that out of the total population of approximately 10 million people, a majority of families live in sub-standard housing conditions.”

Without any prior experience in architecture or design, very little funding and a love of social labor, Diez started collecting recycled plastic bottles to fill with dirt. Then, she got to work. With the abundance of bottles she was able to collect, Diez began building homes for families based on urgency of need. To date, she has constructed more than 10 homes and as a practicing lawyer, continues to defend women and children suffering from abuse. And what does she want in return?

“I would like to change the life and draw a smile on the faces of the unfavored,” Diez says.

That’s the good stuff right there. Anybody else want to go get your hands dirty?!

Featured image via Casa Con Botellas

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