Erin Mallory Long
Updated Apr 20, 2015 @ 2:32 pm

“Hello, 11-year-old Erin, there’s going to be an Independence Day sequel in 2016. Just thought you should know. Bye.”


The above is an imagined conversation and my very real reaction to it. So as you probably know by now Independence Day 2 IS happening and we’ve gotten so much good casting news so far! (I can’t even discuss the fact that Will Smith won’t be involved. Let’s just all pray to the alter of Jeff Goldblum and move on.)

The President is Returning

As far as I’m concerned, President Whitmore as played by Bill Pullman is the true POTUS and I can’t hear otherwise. WAKE UP, PEOPLE, HE HELPED RID THE WORLD OF ALIENS.

Anyway, Bill Pullman IS signed on and I’m super excited because I can—and I will—recite his famous speech from Independence Day whether you want me to or not. Here’s hoping they give him an equally powerful speech for the sequel.

More love lessons

Independence Day taught me about love. There are so many complicated relationships in Independence Day. Will Smith gets flack at work for wanting to marry Vivica A. Fox just because she’s a stripper (something I found to be very rude as a small child), Jeff Goldblum and Margaret Colin were married and have a heartbreaking conversation where she tells him that loving each other was never the problem (and I’m tearing up even thinking about it) and there are so many familial relationships and hardships and deaths to learn from.

Fathers and sons and husbands and wives and Expendable Best Friends and ugh the whole movie is so heartbreaking, actually.

But it also taught me that even if your girlfriend likes dolphins, maybe a dolphin engagement ring isn’t the best idea because it might look like this:

I will learn even more about aliens

I once met a guy who worked at NASA and basically assaulted him with Independence Day-related questions such as “Are there aliens and when are they coming here?” Basically, like Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Nightly Show recently, this man told me, yes, of course “aliens” exist but it’d take so long for them to get here that I have nothing to worry about. OK, fine.

But, I’m a child of the ’90s, so besides just loving the alien-head emoji, I also am REALLY into thinking and worrying about alien invasions. And I haven’t had a really satisfying alien invasion movie in a long time. So I’m super stoked about more aliens in this sequel.

What will they look like? Are they related to the first aliens? How will we defeat them this time without Will Smith? Will Joey King be the hero that she is in White House Down (a recent favorite of mine)??


The callbacks

You KNOW they are going to reference the original movie A LOT. And I cannot wait to be in the theater on opening weekend clapping and crying when that happens.

My hopes are: that Mae Whitman returns as the President’s daughter (also are we pretending he’s STILL in office? Who cares.), that we get even more of the amazing Judd Hirsch/Jeff Goldblum relationship (my loves!) and that they play R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” at some point. Perhaps, it will be a secret shout out to me because no one else cares about that.

I can’t wait to hear more casting news and more all-around news about the sequel. IS IT 2016 YET?!

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