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Hola Amigos! Fort Tilden won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW and after watching it I understand why. This film is funny, fierce and dark…all the things I love in a good indie! I interviewed the stars of Fort Tilden, Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty, while we learned Spanish at one of the hippest spots in Williamsburg: Fluent City. If you want to be cool/learn pretty much any language under the sun, check this place out. Watch our (not really) bilingual discussion on the requirements for being a hipster/millennial and the biggest giggle-fit moments from their time on set.

Fort Tilden: @brideylee and @ccmcnulty

Fluent City: Twitter/Instagram @fluentcity

Teacher: Victor Pajarito Xochmitl

Student: Vivienne Aliu