Risa Sarachan
May 23, 2015 6:00 am

This week on ‘Inconvenient Interviews’ I head down to Broadway to help Steven Boyer and Sarah Stiles with their  pre-show rituals before going on stage in ‘Hand To God’.
Watch as I play the guitar and take breathing treatments with Steven while still managing to pepper in engaging conversation about jealousy involving puppets, baskets of scotch, prophetic dreams, and acquiring broken limbs during a show. We’re even graced with a special appearance from Tyrone!

Next, between bites of her super healthy dinner, Sarah shares her preshow rituals with me and I even get a personal ukulele performance! Also, fair warning about awesome things, there’s quite a bit of swinging happening. Check out the video, and if you happen to find yourself in NYC, be sure to check out the show too!

Seriously, “Hand to God” is the best play that I’ve ever seen! It’s scary, sexy, fun, and you need to go.

PS – Don’t bring your babies.