Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jun 13, 2016 @ 1:34 pm
Iggy Azalea
Credit: Fred Lee/Getty Images

Ever since Iggy Azalea canceled her tour, she’s kinda been in limbo. So we’re happy to hear that the rapper just accepted a position that we think she will be amazing at: a judge for X-Factor Australia. News.com.au reported that the “Fancy” singer is coming home for the longest time in “10 years.”

“I really didn’t picture myself being a judge on any kind of television show but I think that actually this could be a good fit for me so I said yes,” she told the outlet as she came off stage from performing on Good Morning America.

Iggy cited family as her main reason for returning to her homeland, where she’ll stay during the end of June, and then again for a month in November. But, of course, she’s also excited for the show itself. “I’m really excited and I don’t really know what to expect,” she continued. “I really want to be able to pick unique people and hopefully have them connect with everybody watching.”

This is pretty good timing, since she’s rumored to drop her second album some time in the coming months, with X-Factor Australia‘s eighth season slated to air after the Olympics. Plus, in the midst of all this craziness, Iggy is going to be dropping a single. false

Talk about 0 to 100! We can’t wait for what’s in store for Iggy Azalea and hope that she’ll have as much fun on the show as we’re sure we’ll have watching it.