Is it really true? Is the cast of iCarly really old enough to be getting married and going to weddings? Seems like Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, and Jerry Trainor had the same thought as they posted an awesome selfie on Instagram on their way to Nathan Kress’s wedding on Sunday. Nathan Kress, as in the actor who played Freddie on the hit Nickelodeon series. Mind blown.

The Instagram was just part one of what turned out to be an amazing iCarly reunion, all in celebration of Nathan’s marriage to London Elise Moore.

The cast is all in their 20s now (besides Jerry Trainor, who played Carly’s older brother Spencer), which is so far away from the childhood antics we all watched unfold on screen. But after taking a look at these wedding photos, all hashtagged #SayYesToTheKress (amazing), it looks like those antics will never truly die down.

We always love finding out that actors who played friends on screen remained friends in real life, especially when it comes to sharing in life’s special moments. Hopefully, this is one of many reunions to come, even if that does mean they’re growing up.

(Image via Nickelodeon)