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Ah, you guys, there’s a new Mockingjay part 2 clip and it is giving us all the Katniss and Peeta feels, not to mention getting us even more excited for the November 20th release of this final Hunger Games installment. This clip is the touching moment when Peeta and Katniss are reconnecting after their time apart, and Peeta’s harrowing time at the Capital.

In this 47-second excerpt, we hear all about how the Capital used venom to alter Peeta’s memories. Those who are all caught up will know that during the last film, Peeta treated Katniss as a dangerous enemy. Thankfully, their friendship is still strong, he had just been horribly manipulated into having false memories that made him think Katniss was a terrible person.

And thankfully, he explains, he’s learning to sort them all out. He says that the fake memories have a sort of shine to them, and he’s able to disregard them until he just remembers what really happened. For the most part.

“You’re still trying to protect me,” he says. “Real or not real?” And Katniss responds with maybe the most quote-worthy line in the movie:

“Real. That’s what you and I do. Keep each other alive.”

And ain’t that the truth. Katniss delivers again.

But you’re going to want to see this scene in action yourself. So let’s all thank the Hunger Games overlords for dropping this clip.

(Image via YouTube)