The Grammy-nominated, Irish rocker with the voice filled with majesty and wonder (aka Hozier) released a new video for his most-famous single “Take Me to Church” — and it might just be the most beautiful thing on the Internet this week.

Under the direction of David LaChapelle (he directed the B. Spears “Everytime” video) this minimalist accompaniment to the ballad features the balletic stylings of Ukrainian dancer and famed bad-boy of ballet Sergei Polunin, performing choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi. It is all kinds of magnificent (and dare we say, kind of reminiscent of the Sia “Chandelier” video?).

In the “Take Me to Church” video, Polunin moves passionately around a vacant open-air room, pausing only to interact with light streaming in from high windows. There are no other frills at all — Polunin wears nude tights his tattoos on full display. His incredible dancing is the only activity we track. The result is a bright, sparse, emotional tribute to Hozier’s lyrics — and also, Polunin’s mad skillz.

Follow up this video with a gander at Hozier’s live performance of his single at the Grammys, in which the grand dame of fierceness herself (Annie Lennox!) pops up for a surprise duet.

Then, try not to get too upset that both Polunin and Hozier are < 25. Thus inspired, go out and try to make something beautiful of your own today! Get thee to “church”!

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