Thanks to constant reruns, you’ve probably seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother at least eight times. There are lots of little things in the show, from continuing jokes, Easter eggs, and even theories. So how about something that combines ALL of those things together in one big fan theory about The Playbook?

You remember Barney Stinson’s The Playbook, right? It’s different from the Bro Code, in the sense that The Playbook is just about — oh there’s no polite way to say this — snagging lady dates. He kept a record of every single move he ever performed, to keep track of them for prosperity and to pass on to future generations. BUT, are we 100% certain that it was Barney who wrote the book?

Reddit user Mila_Nen suggests that it wasn’t Barney who wrote the entire book, but rather — WAIT FOR IT — Ted. Also, it was never real, but rather a way for Ted to explain to his future kids Barney’s womanizing ways.

As Mila_Nen reminds us, Ted is an unreliable narrator and has been known to exaggerate stories from time to time, along with changing facts, OR simply forgetting them. Remember, he’s telling this story to his kids and he’s going to omit some information from time to time. This could be the case with The Playbook.

Now, the facts. Like, “The title page of each play was written in beautiful calligraphy. ‘Twas only the episode before, featuring Ted and Barney drunkenly fight[ing] over Robin, where [Ted mentions his] love affair with what print style? Calligraphy!” Mila_Nen writes. “The Playbook, the totem of Barney’s preposterous sexual antics, was in fact, conceived of on the spot as Future Ted talks with his kids. It’s a storytelling device used to underscore Barney’s ways.”

Mila_Nen continues by explaining that Barney’s last play, “The Robin,” was not Barney’s proposal at all, Ted’s way of giving Robin a great, big proposal in his mind (because remember he’s had feelings for Robin all along).

“It was a Legendary proposal. And we know that legendary means lying.”

Could his be true? Could The Playbook really all be in Ted’s head? Think about all the other times Ted changed facts around during his really long story.

And Barney would never be caught dead writing in calligraphy — that’s in no way an approved bro font.

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