August 27, 2014 1:47 pm

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has received so much media attention that many of our favorite actors and celebrities have been uploading videos and donating money to further ALS research. It’s nice to see everyone supporting something that was started to raise awareness and money for ALS. Currently donations have topped $70.2 million in comparison to the same time last year when $2.5 million was raised, which is still an impressive amount. Each famous face has put their spin on their video (bravo Matt Damon) and Fox and The Simpson’s are no different. Watch as Homer Simpson takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with some help from Bart.

 You can complete the challenge by donating and not dumping ice water over yourself but many celebs have decided to film a video.You can watch everyone from Zoe Saldana + all of the Marvel actors, to Leonardo DiCaprio complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: