Dyana Goldman
April 25, 2015 6:58 am

Did you hear? The classic surfers-who-are-also-bank-robbers movie, Point Break, is getting a remake. An extended trailer actually premiered at CinemaCon on Thursday, while the rest of the world got a photographic glimpse of the new Swayze-Reeves replacements in action.

As SlashFilm puts it,”the new Point Break is the same as the old Point Break, only with extreme sports instead of just surfing.” And that’s just fine with us. We’re already prepping for December 25, when the reboot arrives in theaters.

And it’s far from the only film that’s getting a facelift for modern audiences. Hollywood has been doing their own versions of #ThrowbackThursday; there are several films and television shows that are getting a reboot this year. Some are classics that you probably already know and love, others, you may have just heard about from those who are in the generations above you. This may just be the year your entire family can agree on what to watch. Seriously, check out these rad reboots we’re already pumped to watch.

Uncle Buck 

If you never saw the 1989 Uncle Buck film starring John Candy and a young Gaby Hoffman, I advise you to pop some popcorn and have a movie night. It’s hilariously ’80s, like so many of John Hughes’ films are (like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Sixteen Candles, to name a few). Now the film has been reformatted for an ABC pilot. It stars  Mike Epps, a new twist on the Uncle Buck character, a lovable slob who babysits his nieces and nephews. (Tentative release date: this fall)


Based on the 2011 feature starring stunner Bradley Cooper, Limitless is being adapted as a drama for ABC. Brian Sinclair discovers a mysterious drug, NZT, and is forced to use his new-found abilities to solve cases for the FBI. Jake McDorman plays the role of Brian and like his predecessor Bradley, he’ll probably crush it in the role. (Tentative release date: October)

Rush Hour

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker embodied the concept of the buddy comedy in this 1998 hit film. Action, laughs and friendship were the core of what made this a great movie, and it worked out so well, they made Rush Hour 2 & 3. Can they recreate this chemistry on television? We’re curious to find out if CBS can make it happen. (Tentative release date: This fall)

Minority Report

When you hear Minority Report, you most likely think of the Steven Spielberg film starring Tom Cruise. But, did you know that this film was actually based off of short story by Philip K. Dick? Now the sci-fi thriller could be coming to television. A pilot produced for Fox, Minority Report is a follow up to the film that takes place ten years after Precrime has ended in Washington, DC (Pre-what? See the film!). (Tentative release date: This fall)

 The X-Files

Returning after 13 years off the air, the continuation of this series is highly anticipated. It was the Lost of the ’90s—sci-fi that people couldn’t stop buzzing about. The show earned 16 Emmys and lasted for nine seasons. Viewers can hop right in, as the original cast members, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, reprise their original characters of FBI special agents Mulder and Scully. (Tentative release date: Unclear, but can’t come soon enough)

Problem Child

The original 1990 film involved, as the title implies, a child who was a bit of a menace. From feeding a cat soap to replacing the candy in a piñata with pickles, Junior had a ton of hilarious hijinks. New pranks played out weekly in a television sitcom? Sounds like a fun half hour. So come on NBC, pick this one up! (Tentative release date: This fall)

 Wet Hot American Summer

This satirical comedy about the last day at a sleepaway camp came out in 2001, but it wasn’t until after it flopped in the the theaters that it gained a cult following. There are enough stars in it to fill an entire People Magazine, many of them pre-super celebdom, including Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks. They’re all back in for the eight-episode series that will be a prelude (about the first day of camp) premiering on Netflix this July. (Release date, not at all tentative: July 17)

She’s All That

It seems like just yesterday we were popping in our copy of She’s All That into our VHS players, but Hollywood already thinks it’s time for a remake. (OK, we’re not that mad at the idea of more of this great rom-com.) Miramax and The Weinstein Company are working on the update along with the 1999 film’s original director, Kenny Leon. Is the jock who turns the ugly duckling into prom queen a timeless story? Will it get a new, social-media, texting-obsessed spin on it to fit more with high schools of today? We’re ready to find out! (Tentative release date: Too soon to tell, but we hope soon!)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

This 1975 cult-classic still plays in theaters all over the country, drawing in crowds dressed up as characters from the show. Even if you’ve never seen the film, you’ve probably heard the film’s famous song, “Time Warp.” It’s a wacky, musical comedy horror—that’s a genre you don’t see too often! Fox is now planning a two-hour remake to be directed, executive produced and choreographed by Kenneth Ortega, best known for his work on High School Musical. The “Rocky Horror Picture Show Event,” as Fox is calling it, is cast-contingent. Personally, we’d love to see Matthew McConaughey put on some fishnets and reprise the lead role of Dr. Frank N. Furter. (Release date is as-yet uncertain, but our fingers are crossed!)

Jem and the Holograms

She rocked the worlds of children of the ’80s and now she is coming back to life on the big screen. Originally animated, the film remake will be live-action. We’re hoping some of our favorite pop artists collaborate to produce some awesome music for the film. (Tentative release date: October)


We’re most excited for this film because of it’s new lady take on the 1984 film starring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd. Like you haven’t heard, it’s going to be an all-female Ghostbusters cast! The cast includes Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and from the current season of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The reboot is going to be directed by Paul Feig – the director from another one of our favorite, female-centric comedies, Bridesmaids. The film is set for release in the summer of 2016. We know who we’re gonna call! (Release date: July 22, 2016)

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