March 31, 2014 1:00 pm

Freaking Charizard!?!?!?  Google Maps Pokémon challenge is by far my favorite April Fools’ Day video prank of 2014! The cool part of this fake video is that there are actually catchable Pokémon all over Google Maps:

To catch ’em all, grab your Poké Ball and the newest version of Google Maps for iPhone or Android. Then tap the search bar, “press start,” and begin your quest.

I am not one to believe ANYTHING on the Internet so I have checked it out myself and it actually works! As long as you UPDATE your Google Maps app. Start off by searching something like Googleplex and zoom in to see some familiar faces:

Screenshot from my phone as proof! Look at that Dragonite sitting there!

 Check out their announcement video below and catch ’em ALL! 

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