Funny or Die, Between Two Ferns
Credit: Funny Or Die

Hillary Clinton’s hilarious Between Two Ferns episode with Zack Galifianakis has done a lot more than make people laugh — it’s also broken an amazing record!

According to Deadline, Clinton’s episode of the highly popular Funny or Die series has hit the highest launch day view count in Funny or Die history, with over 30 million views across all Funny or Die platforms — all within 24 hours.


The video, which went live Thursday, is as classically cringe-worthy as all the others in the Between Two Ferns series. While Clinton was clearly in on the joke, at one point in the video she states the insanely quotable:

Check out the episode below:

Galifianakis’ comedic approach in these videos is to make the interviewee as uncomfortable as possible, so Clinton is hardly the first guest to have to endure his crazily awkward antics. Past interviews have included Michael Cera getting forcibly tickled by Galifianakis, Jennifer Aniston getting brought on stage just to be ignored, and Justin Bieber getting yelled at and pretend spanked with a belt. So that being said, Clinton emerged from this episode relatively unscathed, given the show’s past track record.

Probably the best thing about Clinton’s episode is that although Galifianakis was clearly trying to get a rise out of her with purposefully over-the-top sexist questions for comedic value, Clinton couldn’t help but answer honestly and call him out when she was feeling uncomfortable. Because at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton, and it’s kind of great to see how she will not compromise who she is, even in a terribly awkward situation.


Of course, it is worth mentioning that the last political guest to make an appearance on Between Two Ferns was President Barack Obama, so at this point, you could say it is all just part of the job.