Robin Epley
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 2:33 pm

Hey, so…remember that time that a bunch of dudes from the U.S. government got together and made laws concerning the health and governance of women’s bodies? And they did it without any women present? And then Vice President Mike Pence tweeted out a perfectly meme-able picture of it? Well, even if you don’t remember, Hillary Clinton definitely does.

Of course, at the time, the internet did what it does and turned it into a hilarious meme about people trying to pass laws over things that they have no right to — the most hilarious of which was this canine-led roundtable on the future of feline health:

Well, it also happens to be HILL’S FAVORITE MEME and we’re shook.

Really, we should have seen this coming. Obviously, Hillary has always been a proponent of female reproductive rights and women’s healthcare. She made it a point in her campaign, and has spoken out several times since her loss in November, most recently during an interview in Manhattan.

Hillary was at the Women in the World Summit on Thursday when she made the comments during an interview with Nicholas Kristof from The New York Times. The conversation turned toward memes, natch.

But we have to admit, that particular meme wouldn’t have been our first guess. What about the Obama-Biden Bromance memes? Has she no love for them?

Or better yet, the Texts-From-Hillary meme:

Does this all really matter in the long run of trying to understand the US’ crazy politics? Probably not. But it’s nice to know Hills has still got our backs, and good taste in Internet humor.