Time for a High School Musical fan theory that will totally shatter your world and understanding of the Wildcats.

Let me explain. Reddit’s SkyWasTheRobot was thinking long and hard about the HSM trilogy. It’s called High School Musical, but we don’t see the “sex, drugs and violence you experience while growing up in that age range,” they explain. “Now, obviously, on some fundamental level we all know why there’s no sex, drugs and violence in these movies. It’s a Disney tween movie… But I wanted an in-universe explanation for it.”

SkyWasTheRobot’s conclusion? “High School Musical is set in an alternate history without laws. That is, a world where crime doesn’t exist as we see it. A world where you can murder, steal, and destroy without any legal repercussions.”

That’s some pretty heavy stuff for a movie where everyone does a synchronized dance to “We’re All In This Together.”

The basis for this theory lies with a concept known as the Social Contract. It’s a whole lot of philosophical stuff, but SkyWasTheRobot sums it up like this: “High School Musical exists in an alternate history or reality where the Social Contract and subsequent legal system did not come into existence, so people are allowed to do whatever they like whenever they like. So it’s kinda like The Purge, except with more basketball and better story.”

Their examples from HSM supporting this? From the second movie:

Well, this is a completely different way to look at EVERYTHING. Here, this whole time, we thought the kids were just breaking out into song and dancing on golf courses because they were care-free and happy. Maybe not so much. Maybe they were doing these things because there was nothing to stop them from doing them. While in today’s world, it’s frowned upon to stage show-stopping musical numbers in the middle of the cafeteria, for the Wildcats it doesn’t matter if they do, or if they don’t. There are no rules.

Mind = blown. If you’re ready to read the whole lengthy theory — and you should because it’s great — you can do that here. As for me, I’ve gotta to cry into a basketball and rethink a lot of my HSM-loving life.

(Image via Disney)