Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Apr 21, 2015 @ 4:17 pm

If you’ve never watched High Maintenance, now would be a good time to catch up. The Vimeo web series about a marijuana dealer and his wacky clients just got picked up by HBO for six episodes.

High Maintenance is the brain-child of husband and wife duo Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld. Episodes follow roughly the same format, but all are unique and hilarious: two people are hanging out, they call “The Guy” (played by Sinclair) and he delivers the goods. Of course, none of this happens without awkward encounters or dashes to Duane Reade for cash.

Despite the premise, High Maintenance is less about getting high, and more about the personal relationships that fuel our everyday lives. It’s funny, relevant and relatable. And, since its debut in 2012, it’s served as a gold standard for web series—crafted with the same visual and narrative elegance of television series with high production values. Because of the show’s quality (and let’s be honest, its quirky concept), it’s gained a cult following so loyal—it’s surprising it lasted this long without being picked up by a major network. But alas, the time has come. So before you start binging on HBO’s High Maintenance, watch (or re-watch) these five classic online-only episodes that solidified an Internet phenomenon.

1. ‘Heidi’
This is the story of the best binge-date ever: fort building, food ordering, Breaking Bad-athon-ing. Boy is crazy about girl. Girl is cool as all get out. But this budding relationship might not be built to last. In seven minutes you will feel ALL the feelings. Watch it here.

2. ‘Jonathan’

Two words: Hannibal. Buress. We get to see him tell jokes in this episode—which is always a good thing. This episode also does a cool thing where what he’s texting/tweeting appears in the space above his head. You know, House of Cards-style. So where does the dealer come in? Watch it here, and find out.

3. ‘Matilda’

This one might grate on your ears after a while, but we love it. Because what’s not to love about an excited kid bursting with fun facts? Watch it here.

4. ‘Jamie’
Unfortunately, if you live in New York City, this episode is all too real. Two girls are hanging at home, making dinner, when they see a mouse stuck in a glue trap. Naturally, their only option is to panic like crazy. They’re too scared to kill it, yet too scared to let it live. That is, until their dealer arrives. Watch it here.

Also, the b-plot of the bizarre street performer is fantastic.

5. ‘Elijah’
Welcome to the most awkward Passover Sedar dinner ever. Tonight will be catered by a guy who has definitely never asked, nor answered, the four questions before. Case in point: there’s bacon in the matzoh balls. Lucky for some bored dinner guests, the dealer saves the day. Watch it here.

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