Beyonce "The Formation World Tour" - New York City
Credit: Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage For Parkwood Entertainment

OK, so we know everyone is absolutely committed to chasing Pokémon all over the place these days and that’s totally cool. We’re in on it, too. However, at least one of our fellow players needs to get in formation ASAP, namely the woman who played Pokémon GO during a Beyoncé concert. I’m sorry because games are so, so fun, but HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF DECENCY??

What’s most baffling about the situation is that her Pokémon pursuit didn’t take place during an interlude or a run to refill her #lemonade at the concession stand. Oh no: This went down while Beyoncé was on stage singing her heart out. From her most excellent vantage point, she could’ve easily counted the number of sparkles on the singer’s glittery leotard. She was literally close enough for Bey to hear her scream cry, “I love you Beyoncé!”

But nope — playing Pokémon took precedence. The addition: It’s gone too far.

While the guy who filmed this awful infraction had a mini-meltdown (and rightfully so), we’re glad the distraction was short-lived because he caught some pretty cool up-close footage of Beyoncé doing her thing and interacting with the audience. As for the woman whose Pokémon app was more interesting than Queen Bey (at least temporarily), we have to wonder if she even caught anything. SMH.

Ah, well. We don’t even think about what happens if a fan gets busted playing Pokémon GO at a Rihanna show. But seriously though, if you don’t see this as the ultimate “wait, what is your life?” moment, then allow us to direct you to the nearest app addiction 12-step program because this is a clear sign that Pokémon GO has taken over your life. I’m sure “ignoring actual Beyoncé” belongs on this list.