Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 24, 2015 @ 10:00 am

In three short weeks (!!!) Pitch Perfect 2 will be released, and the world will be aca-mazing once again. We’ve got teaser trailers, and full-length trailers, and even a few TV spots for the movie, and now we’ve got an extended clip of the Barden Bellas in aca-action.

This new, extended clip comes to us straight from our friends at BuzzFeed, so thank you guys for making the world a better place today. According to BuzzFeed, what we’re witnessing is the Bellas in action at the A Cappella World Championships. We’ve got a little bit of the movie’s plot so far: we know that the Bellas get into a little bit of trouble, and the only way for them to prove themselves worthy once again is to win the World Championships. Piece of cake, right?

The Bellas sing a mashup of Queen B’s “Who Run The World (GIRLS),” David Guetta’s “Where Them Girls At,” and finish off with Pat Benatar’s “We Belong.” It’s also our first look at some of the newer Bellas in action, like Hailee Steinfeld’s Emily, along with all of our returning faves like Hana Mae Lee’s Lily, Brittany Snow’s Chloe, and Ester Dean’s Cynthia-Rose.

I have no idea how we all haven’t aca-ploded from aca-citment waiting for this movie. Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters on May 15th, and I’ll see all of you there.

The video is a BuzzFeed exclusive so check it out here!

Image via here.