Thank goodness for DVD extras! After an outpouring on confusion, anger and disappointment from many (ok, most) How I Met Your Mother fans over the show’s original series finale ending, a much more joyful alternate ending has leaked and will be included on the upcoming DVD box set. When the original ending aired in March of this year, HIMYM creator Carter Bays announced that although they only shot one script, they were able to produce two alternate endings for the show: the one that aired and the one that didn’t.

“To #HIMYM fans who didn’t love the finale: We respect you and for every controversial finale, there is always a Plan B,” Bays tweeted. Craig Thomas, the other series creator also added, “We stand by what aired and we are proud of it. But you guys came on such a long journey with us—we want to give you BOTH!” We’ll take it! Here’s what may be considered the “happier” ending.

So, what do you think?